Friday, January 17, 2014

Alabama pastor accused of murdering wife wanted to marry boyfriend

Allegedly, Pastor Shahan killed his wife to marry his boyfriend.  Lust is a terrible thing.  Why couldn't this guy just divorce his wife and go live with his boyfriend.  It just does not make sense to kill someone, so you can start a new life with another person.  Now, of course, God does not like divorce, but he would rather that than murder. 

According to, Shahan was placed on paid administrative leave from Birmingham’s First Baptist Church immediately after the brutal murder of his wife, Karen Louise Shahan. The woman was found stabbed to death in the couple’s Homewood, Ala., house on July 23.  

We certainly hope Shahan repents for this terrible crime. 

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Alabama pastor accused of murdering wife wanted to marry boyfriend: prosecutors  

By Carol Kuruvilla / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS 

The Alabama pastor who is accused of stabbing his wife to death allegedly had a replacement in mind.

Jefferson County prosecutors say Rev. Richard Lee Shahan attempted to flee the...Read full article, here.

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