Sunday, January 5, 2014

Allegedly Gospel Singer and Pastor Marvin Sapp puts church on fast, banning internet

One of our reporters just happened to be watching Marvin Sapp's broadcasts at this past Sunday and allegedly heard him tell church members that he wants them to go on a fast, just water, very light juice and no internet, which includes no social networks.  

We find this sort of strange since the news has just came out about Dr. Telek Patrick missing, the woman who stalked him, allegedly.  We wonder, did he tell his church members to fast before this situation occurred?  Why ban them from social networks now?  Of course, we know when one fasts there should be complete focus on God, but it just does not seem right, so sudden.  

You know, fasting has to do with complete surrender and repenting for anything that is not like God.  We certainly hope Pastor Sapp considers to no longer performs as a celebrity, but as a psalmist for God.  For we believe many gospel artists have brought problems of fans stalking them, because they just see them as celebrities, not necessarily messengers for Christ.   Some of this maybe because their some of their music is very similar to secular music artists, like Sapp's allegedly.

In the meantime, we will keep Pastor Sapp in our prayers.

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