Sunday, January 26, 2014

Are Megachurches Fading Out?

Since America seems to have a spirit of Anti-Christ, we honestly feel many Christians are finally waking up.  The homosexual agenda is allegedly supported by many politicians, both Democrats and Republicans.  Therefore, many Christians who have the fear of God realize we no longer have time to support mega-churches that are not focusing on righteousness.  

When you look at Lakewood Church, The Potter's House and World Changers, it may seem like megachurches are not fading out.  When you look at the huge crowd that Joyce Meyers, Benny Hinn and Paula White attract, it may seem like the mega ministry movement is here to stay.  However, because of recent scandals that have been in the press, we honestly feel many Christians realize the weakness within the body of Christ and it is very dangerous in a time when America has been turning away from strict biblical laws and Christianity.  Many Christians realize it is a dangerous thing to continue to support celebrity pastors and televangelists who are not preaching righteousness, but have now weakened to the demands of our rebellious society and focusing on the prosperity gospel. 

 In due time, the era of megachurches and mega ministries will be something of the past, in our opinion. 

Has the Megachurch Lost Its Luster?

Very few in the United States balk in abject horror or astonished wonder at the idea of the megachurch any more. In other words, the megachurch recoil in the Christian world has finally calmed down.

Megachurches are there; we know what they are about; we debate their merits and...Read full article, here.

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