Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Bernice King Says “There Is Much Work That We Must Do” to Fulfill Father’s Dream

Every year, it's sad we hear Rev. Bernice King and others say the same thing, 'we still have a lot of work to do.'  However, it's a spiritual matter and nothing will ever get better unless this nation repents and fully surrenders to God and this includes our politicians.  Many of you must realize Dr. Martin Luther King's dream of diversity may now be a reality, but there's not much peace and many Americans have used his dream to oppose God's law against homosexuality.  In other-wards, what he stood for has become very twisted in America. 

According to BlackChristianNews.com, King’s daughter Bernice King said, “There is much work that we must do,”  “Are we afraid, or are we truly committed to the work that must be done?”  

We certainly hope Dr. King's daughter, Rev. Bernice King can see through a spiritual eyes as to why every year, America is still striving to make a better nation.

Bernice King Says “There Is Much Work That We Must Do” to Fulfill Father’s Dream

As the nation remembered and reflected Monday on the legacy of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.,
leaders and everyday Americans talked about how far the country has come in the past 50 years and how much more is to be done.

At Ebenezer Baptist Church in King’s hometown of Atlanta, civil rights leaders and members of King’s own family spoke about poverty...Read full article, here.

Source: BlackChristianNews.com


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