Friday, January 3, 2014

Catholic priest found dead in Eureka California

Catholic priest,  Rev. Eric Freed has been found dead.  So far, police do not have a suspect or know why someone would kill Rev. Freed.   This is very sad saints of God, not long after New Year's celebration someone killed this pastor. 

According to,  local and state authorities remained at St. Bernard Church one of two in the coastal Northern California city situated 275 miles north of San Francisco where he was the sole pastor -- late Wednesday processing the crime scene and following up on tips, Mills said.  

May Rev. Freed rest in peace.

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Beloved Catholic priest found slain in California church rectory

By Greg Botelho and Suzanne Presto, CNN
(CNN) -- A beloved Roman Catholic priest was found dead Wednesday in his church's rectory, spurring police to launch a murder investigation and those he touched to try to make sense of his sudden passing.

Eureka, California, Police Chief Andy Mills said officers -- responding to a call from staff at St. Bernard Church -- first came across the victim...Read full article, here.

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