Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Celebrity News: Beyonce's performance at the Grammy's Upset Parents

We tried to crop the above photo of Beyonce much as could, but as you can see it was very difficult.  Let's get right to the point, we are surprised parents were disappointed by Beyonce's performance.  It's not like she's a music celebrity that's conservative.  This is not the first time she has shown a lot of flesh.   Parents should have already banned their kids from watching the Grammy's because as you already know there are other music artists who bare too much flesh and in 2014, they even included a wedding ceremony, which included some gay couples. Surprised?

According to Mail Online, Beyoncé's sexy dance routine, which aired at 8pm on both coasts and at 7pm central time, had many furious parents posting comments on social media that the performance was 'disrespectful', had 'no class' and was entirely inappropriate for young viewers.

We pray these parents who are complaining would wake up and realize, we've been in trouble in America for a very longtime and many music celebrities have no morals and values.

'It's a sad day when our kids can't even watch the Grammys': Beyoncé slammed by parents after VERY risqué performance

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