Thursday, January 16, 2014

Dad Beat Up Youth Pastor He Caught In His Home with 16 Year Old Daughter

This father got very upset when he saw a youth pastor with his teenage daughter in his home.   You know, it's not many (black)father who will protect their daughters, some even disown them.   God is going to bless Jermaine Clemons for loving his daughter, but we are very sad he beat up the youth pastor.

According to , a Bail Bondsman after hearing about how the Youth Pastor was found in Jermaine Clemons home – bailed him out at no charge! 

  In the meantime, we will keep Jermaine Clemons, his daughter and the youth pastor in our prayers.

Hero Dad Jermaine Clemons: Beat Up Youth Pastor He Caught In His Home Trying To See His 16 Year Old Daughter

Hero Dad Jermaine Clemons after he beat up youth pastor who he caught in his house at midnight.
Hero Dad Jermaine Clemons opened the door to his home to find the 24 year old Youth Pastor seated on...Read full article, here.\

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