Friday, January 31, 2014

Husband of Pregnant Brain-Dead Texas Woman Says He Wanted God to Take Him Instead

We cannot imagine what it is like to lose a spouse and an unborn child at once.  Saints of God, many times take things for granted and do not realize how blessed we are.  While we may think our trials are very hard, someone else is going through something much worse.  This is what happened in this man's case.  Erick Muñoz lost his pregnant wife and unborn baby. He's hurting so bad, he allegedly says he wish God would have took him instead of his spouse and their child.   Let us hold him up in prayer.

Husband of Pregnant Brain-Dead Texas Woman Wanted 

By Katherine Weber, Christian Post Reporter

Erick Muñoz, husband of the pregnant Texas woman who was recently taken off life support, said in a recent interview that he wishes ultimately God had taken his life instead of his wife's.

Muñoz has been embroiled in a weeks-long legal battle over his wife after a Texas hospital refused to...Read full article, here.

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