Sunday, January 19, 2014

Ohio Pastor Arrested in Philippines

Saints of God, we should pray for this Ohio pastor.  Pastor Tom Randall was arrested in the Philippines while doing missionary work there.  Allegedly, someone who was a part of the organization he was helping molested children and then, did sex trafficking.   We really feel in our spirit, the authorities in the Philippines arrested him, because he is serving Jesus Christ.  As you know, many people in foreign countries hate Christians.

According to, Coffey said Randall went to the Philippines on a mission to help with typhoon relief and to spend time with the kids at his orphanages, something he does for one month each year supported by local churches and his ministry called World Harvest.

We pray people who are connecting with Pastor Tom Randall's church in Ohio contact President Obama so he can meet with the authorities and politicians in the Philippines.  In the meantime, we will keep Pastor Tom Randall in our prayers.

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Local Pastor Arrested in Philippines

by Darcie Loreno

HUDSON, Ohio — A local pastor remains jailed in the Philippines while authorities there sort through accusations that an orphanage he helped build was involved in sex trafficking.

Tom Randall was recently hired as a ‘pastor at large’ for the Christ Community Chapel in Hudson, but...Read full article, here.

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