Friday, January 31, 2014

Pastor Bayless Conley 'Making Amazing Progress' After Boating Accident

Saints of God, thank God he is hearing our prayer.   After a boating accident, Pastor Bayless Conley is making an amazing recovery.   This is really good news, because like we said before, we have lost too many televangelists and it would be a tragedy to lose another one.   God is showing through Conley's ordeal, He is a healer and no matter how bad a man or woman of God's condition is, He can raise them up.  

Let us continue to keep Pastor Bayless Conley and his (church) family in our prayers.

Bayless Conley 'Making Amazing Progress' After Boating Accident

By Alex Murashko, Christian Post Reporter

Pastor Bayless Conley is resting well and in improved condition after being listed as critical from a boating accident off the coast of Southern California at Catalina Island on Monday, according to officials at Cottonwood Church in...Read full article, here. 

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