Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Pastor Preaches about Sex Traps, Child Molestation, We Need This Type of Preaching Back in the (Black) Church

Pastor Carlton Sharp has taken on the subject of Sex Traps.  Do you remember when Dr. Wanda Davis Turner allegedly used to preach about Sex Traps?  We were so disappointed when she seemed to allegedly change into a mild type of preacher.  However, God will take a gift from another preacher and give it to another one, as you can see, because He wants this type of preaching to remain in the (black) church.  

Pastor Carlton Sharp seems to be one out of a million who is not afraid to speak on this subject of child molestation.  Many preachers are no longer touching on what damages the family values.   It seems like they are afraid to preach on child molestation just like homosexuality.  Why is that?   The demon of fear must get out of the pulpit.  We have no time for motivational speakers and sophisticated preachers in the (black) church, we need the truth to return to God's House, so that our young people and even adults will not get caught in Sex Traps.  Therefore, if you have changed your preaching style to be liked, reverse it now, before God's wrath comes on you whoever you maybe.  God wants more preachers like Pastor Carlton Sharp to make it plain without fear or regret.

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