Monday, January 13, 2014

Security Guard Stabbed at West Angeles Church of God in Christ

We can't believe a security guard was actually stabbed inside West Angeles COGIC in Los Angeles, California, then again, it does not surprise us.   Now, as you know that is the church home of Erving 'Magic' Johnson and his wife Cookie, Denzel Washington and even Samuel L. Jackson, allegedly.  It's very scary to admit, but has WESTA, (as they call it) become more of a place for celebrity events, rather than a place for repentance? 

Of course, celebrities need to be in a place of worship too, but back in the day, it was unheard of, for anything like a stabbing or a shooting to occur.  Therefore, what we are trying to say is, the anointing should be so strong at West Angeles COGIC, anyone would be afraid to harm a security guard or anyone else there.  Back in the early days of COGIC, for example in the 1970's and prior, there was complete division from the world that was taught from bishops, pastors and state mothers.  Nowadays, some of the elders have allowed their descendants to bring in such a worldly atmosphere, like hip hop gospel.  Just look at the Dorinda and her sister, Karen Clark Sheard and her daughter, for example, they are not allegedly representing true holiness, .  Therefore, if you allow carnality in God's House, then do not expect for the Devil to stay out of the church.  All type of violence will occur, just like what is in the night club.  Why?  Because they have allowed such an atmosphere to prevail in God's House.    We are not suppose to have worship services to please celebrities, but only please God.

In the meantime, we will keep this security guard in our prayers.

Security Guard Stabbed at West Angeles Church of God in Christ

A man was in custody after a security guard was stabbed Sunday at a church in South Los Angeles...Read full article, here.

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