Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Teen Called to Preach early Sparks Debate About 'Needing a Degree to Preach God's Word'

Back in the day, before African Americans were equal within our society, the debate of a preacher needing a degree was not the subject in most households. If a man was called to preach God's Word, he heard the call and just did it.  Therefore, why is it a debate if one needs a degree to preach God's Word.  There are many preachers with a degree who are not called and need to do something else.

According to, the Atlanta teen, who has been helming his own ministry for six years (Jared Sawyer, Jr. Ministries), was ordained by leaders at Center Hill Baptist Church in northwest Atlanta on Sunday, in a moment his mother, Sabrina Sawyer, said she never thought would have been realized.

 Praise God for Jared Sawyer, we sincerely think this debate of whether he and others need a degree or not is just pure jealousy.

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Ordination of Atlanta Teen Called to Preach at Age 5 Sparks Debate About 'Needing a Degree to Preach God's Word'

By Nicola Menzie , Christian Post Reporter

Jared Sawyer Jr., a 16-year-old from Atlanta, Ga., who has been preaching for more than half of his life, was ordained as an associate minister at his Baptist church over the weekend and among supporters on Facebook offering him praise were others...Read full article, here.

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