Friday, January 17, 2014

United Methodist Official Denies Church Fired Gay Choir Director for being gay

Gay choir directors go way back in the day, it's nothing new and we do not know why one would be fired in this age.   Although, we do agree with the Word of God it's wrong to be a homosexual, it's hard to believe one would actually lose their job as a choir director.   For many years, they have directed choirs, been musicians and even preachers.  However, maybe it is time to become strict and not necessarily fire them, but put them on the altar. 

According to, First UMC made national headlines when word got out that their gay choral director had not been rehired by the church's lead pastor.   

We will keep you updated on any further news about this gay choir director.

United Methodist Official Denies that Ind. Church Fired Gay Choir Director Over Sexual Orientation

By Michael Gryboski, Christian Post Reporter

The United Methodist Church is denying that an Indiana church dismissed its openly gay choir director over his sexual orientation.

Dan Gangler, spokesman for the UMC Indiana Conference, told The Christian Post that First United Methodist Church of Alexandria had other reasons for...Read full article, here.

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