Saturday, January 11, 2014

Update: Atheist Blogger's $3K Donation Finally Accepted by Food Pantry

If you recall, we did a previous article on this blogger who is an atheist.  We thought Hemant Mehta was rejected because the people over the food pantry had the fear of God, but obviously not, they have accepted his money.  One thing we can't stand are alleged Christians who seem strong at first, then give into to those who oppose Jesus Christ.  Possibly, we were mistaken, these are not Christians over this food pantry. 

According to , Before this week, Mehta's $3,000 donation was rejected by two other groups over the course of two months. Mehta first raised the money as a donation for the Morton Grove Park District, after the local chapter of the American Legion cut its annual $2,600 funding to the department because one of its commissioners, Dan Ashta, refused to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. The park district rejected Mehta's donation, which he had raised from donors online, saying that it did not want to accept the money and possibly become involved in a "First Amendment dispute." 

We'll keep you posted on any further information about this atheist giving funds to the food pantry. 

Atheist Blogger's $3K Donation Finally Accepted by Food Pantry

By Katherine Weber, Christian Post Reporter

Teacher and atheist blogger Hemant Mehta finally found a home for his rejected $3,000 donation this week when the Niles Township Food Pantry agreed to accept the money. The donation was previously rejected by the Morton Grove Park District and the Morton Grove Library.

Charles Levy, clerk of the Niles Township, a suburb near Chicago, Ill., confirmed this week that the Niles Township Food Pantry had cashed Mehta's check for...Read full article, here.

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