Sunday, February 9, 2014

Black pastors discuss how church's role has evolved

A group of black pastors have came together to discuss how the church has evolved, since the civil rights era.   It could be a waste of time, since there are many black churches focusing on become corporate million dollar ministries, instead of focusing on real issues within the black community.   Honestly, we feel the black church has lost its' courage and many black pastors are very afraid to speak like those in previous eras.   Too many black preachers are not being responsible to address certain issues and therefore the foundation is not as solid.

Black pastors discuss how church's role has evolved

Sherry P. Shephard , The Shreveport (La.) Times 

The church always has played a pivotal role in the black community, especially during the Civil Rights Movement, when it was seen as a place of hope, restoration and revitalization. Not only was it a place for worship, it was a...Read full article, here.

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