Saturday, February 8, 2014

California Pastor and wife allegedly saw Sign from God for People to ‘Get Ready’

It's very rare do we hear of Pentecostal pastors admitting ghostly figures are a sign from God.  Pastor Danny Goia who is a pastor of First Romanian Pentecostal Church in Anaheim admits along with his wife God is revealing a message.  What is the message?  Get ready.

According to, the picture, which Radu said he did not retouch, showed a veiled woman in the corner behind the co-worker.

Ghostly figures don't always mean anything scary, many times, it is a revelation that God's presence is here on earth.

California Pastor and his Wife Believe Ghostly Figure the Appeared in Photo is a Sign from God for People to ‘Get Ready’

A pastor and his wife believe a ghostly figure that appeared in the background of a photograph is a sign from a higher power.

CBS2’s Stacey Butler reports that a man named Radu, who didn’t want to appear on-camera, took a photo of a co-worker...Read full article, here.

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