Thursday, February 13, 2014

Celebrity News: Phil Robertson 'Duck Dynasty' Won't Run for US Senate

Phil Robertson of 'Duck Dynasty' is not going to run for Senate, regardless of many supporters who will think he will win. Many African Americans may not support him, but honestly, we need more God-fearing men and women as politicians.  Those who are not afraid to speak against what's not right.

We can imagine things turning around in this country and more political candidates who are as bold as Phil Robertson Ducks who speak out against what's wrong. Possibly one day Phil Robertson will reconsider and run for senate.

Phil Robertson Ducks US Senate Run, Despite Poll Suggesting He'd Win

By Morgan Lee , Christian Post Reporter

Hopes that "Duck Dynasty" fans may have had in seeing the show head to Washington have been dashed after Alan Robertson said that his father Phil Robertson had no interest in running for Congress.

After a poll released earlier this week suggested that the Duck Commander founder could be a...Read full article, here.

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