Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Former NFL Player, Pastor Irving Fryar Continues Ministry while facing Mortgage Scam Case

This is Pastor Irving Fryar and his mother pleading not guilty to a mortgage scam in the court of law.  It appears as though this mother and son duo had the right intentions to help people.  Sometimes, when people get caught up in certain wealth opportunities, they may not know all the legal regulations that may surround it and we feel this could be the case with Pastor Fryar and his mother. 

As far as Pastor Irving Fryar continuing to preach God's Word, we sincerely feel he should do so, if he truly feels he is innocent and did nothing wrong.  Furthermore, if he knows he is guilty, it is best to forgive himself, but admit the truth and continue to preach God's Word.  

We are praying for Pastor Fryar and his beloved mother.

Former All-Pro Wide Receiver Turned Pastor, Irving Fryar, Keeps on Preaching, Despite Not Guilty Plea in Mortgage Scam Case

Sunday has always been a glorious day for Irving Fryar. First there was the glory of football. Now there is the glory of God.

It’s Sunday morning, and all eyes at the New Jerusalem House of God are on Elder Pastor Irving Fryar, the former Patriots All-Pro wide receiver...Read full article, here.

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