Sunday, February 16, 2014

Husband and wife become closer after praying together

Sam and Vicki Ingrassia's marriage became much stronger after agreeing to pray together.  She felt all alone in certain difficult situations in their family, but it all changed when Sam agreed to pray with her.   If we had more married couples in agreement like Sam and Vicki, then we could see a decrease in divorce.

According to, Sam said, ' if husbands will take his advice, it will increase their passion for both God and their wife.'

Let us pray for more married couples to fully submit to God and agree to pray together, not just during trials.

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Spiritual Intimacy a Marriage 'Game Changer'

by Paul Strand

PLANO, Texas -- A dramatic conversation led Sam and Vicki Ingrassia to a new way of praying that's re-energized their marriage.

This Valentine's Day when the world is emphasizing romance, they're asking couples to see if they can't improve their spiritual relationship.

Sam told CBN News if husbands will take his advice, it will increase...Read full article, here.

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