Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ky. Church Hopes to Attract Residents with new Gym

Many times we see a lot of churches attracting people to locations that used to be shopping malls and night clubs, but we don't hear of gyms much.  This church in Kentucky is having church in a 61,300 square-foot gym and hopes to attract many residents in the community.  We certainly hope many souls within the community will attend church services and submit to Jesus Christ.

Ky. Church Hopes to Attract Community Residents with Full-Service, 61,300-Square-Foot Gym

By Jessica Martinez, CP Reporter

A Kentucky congregation is taking on an unconventional approach to community outreach by building a recreational facility, with hopes to attract gym members that eventually become churchgoers.

Forks of Elkhorn Baptist Church in Midway, Ky. is currently building...Read full article, here.

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