Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Mayor De Blasio calls NYPD about pal's arrest

One thing about being friends with a politician, if you ever get in trouble with the law, most of the time, they will help you get released from jail.  It's called power.   Mayor DeBlasio called the NYPD about his good friend Bishop Findlaytor being arrested, after doing so, the bishop did not have to spend the night in jail.  What do you think, right or wrong? 

According to nypost.com, Bishop Findlayter, the head of Brooklyn’s New Hope Christian Church who was instrumental in delivering the black vote to de Blasio — was pulled over at 11:21 pm Monday in East Flatbush for making a left turn without signaling, police said.  

We'll keep you posted on any further details about Mayor De Blasio and his good friend, Bishop Findlaytor.

De Blasio calls NYPD about arrested pal, who is later freed

By Jamie Schram, Yoav Gonen and Jeane MacIntosh

A politically connected Brooklyn pastor was arrested for a pair of open warrants — but was spared a night in jail after Mayor de Blasio called an NYPD boss to inquire about his close pal.

Hours later, Bishop Orlando Finlayter was yukking it up with hizzoner at the head table at a Bed-Stuy breakfast Tuesday with...Read full article, here.

Source and Photo: NYPost.com


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