Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Youth Minister Arrested On Sex Abuse Charges

Just to look at this guy, you wouldn't think he would be hired as a youth minister.  It's time to stop preaching 'it's not what you look like it's what's inside.'  Preachers like P. White have been blurting it out for a long time and obviously, this proves how wrong they are.  A lot of times, you can evaluate the demonic spirit of a person from the outside.  Don't you see this with Jeff Eddie in the above photo?  It's happening too often, so it's time to wake up. 

According to, as of Monday Eddie was listed as a children’s minister on the Highland Park Baptist Church website.  His picture and information have since been removed from the site.  

In the meantime, we pray Eddie repent before it's everlasting too late.  We also pray more churches will open up their eyes and stop ordaining and hiring just anybody to minister to the youth.  For a lot of them are possessed with sex demons and are quick to molest them.

Muscle Shoals Children’s Minister Arrested On Sex Abuse Charges

by Josh Voight

MUSCLE SHOALS, Ala. (WHNT) – Highland Park Baptist Church children’s minister Jeff Eddie has been charged with multiple sexual abuse crimes.

Eddie is charged with two counts of child pornography, 31 counts of second-degree sodomy, and...Read full article, here.

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