Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Online Preacher for the Deaf, Justin Vollmar, Comes Out as Atheist

We never will understand how preachers can turn into atheists.  Do you recall hearing much about this sort of nonsense back in the day?  Absolutely not, because the majority of preachers, especially many Pentecostals and Baptists had the fear of God.  Many preachers back in the day would have never informed the public they turned away from God and not believe in Him.  This preacher for the deaf, Justin Vollmar is doing just that and we have heard of some others before him.  We are definitely living in the last days, Jesus is about to come very soon.

Online Preacher for the Deaf, Justin Vollmar, Comes Out as Atheist; 'God is an Illusion…It Is All Nonsense' He Says

By Leonardo Blair , CP Reporter

Justin Vollmar, a pastor who has been running the Virtual Deaf Church online for the last four years, made a shocking announcement to his followers Friday declaring he has become an atheist because there is "NO GOD" and Christianity is "all nonsense."

Vollmar explained his decision in a blunt and blasphemous YouTube video Friday during...Read full article, here. 
Source and Photo: \ChristianPost.com

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