Saturday, February 22, 2014

Pastor Donny Reagan says he's not a racist although he doesn't marry interracial couples, allegedly

Pastor Donny Reagan, a Tennessee minister has been labeled a racist, because he allegedly refuses to marry interracial couples.   However, we question if God agrees with interracial marriages, because we still have racism and it hasn't helped anything.  We had the case of Trayvon Martin and still there are many other cases of racial discrimation, but yet we see diversity among married couples, which is very imbalanced.

According to, Reagan explained that even though he doesn't believe in interracial relationships, he isn't a racist.

Pastor Reagan may not mean to offend anyone, but the reality is, all races need to learn how to like each other, instead of possibly covering up their racist attitudes by marrying another race.  Really, when it comes to African Americans marrying outside of their race, many of them resent their own race. So, we wonder in the eyes of God, what good is interracial relationships?

Bro. Donny Reagan Apologizes; Church Explains His Message Saying He's Not Racist, He 'Simply Does Not Marry Interracially'

By Leonardo Blair , CP Reporter

After being branded as possibly the most racist preacher in America because of his opposition to interracial relationships, Bro. Donny Reagan of Happy Valley Church of Jesus Christ in Johnson City, Tenn., is apologizing to...Read full article, here.

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