Saturday, February 8, 2014

Rev. Lawrence M. Livingston Blames Delaware's Black Violence on Slavery

It's very sad in this era that we hear of pastors like Rev. Lawrence Livingston yet blaming the problems of African Americans on slavery.  We've got news for him, it's not going to work.  Too many blacks are marrying whites and having children together.  Since our race has intermingled for so many years, there is no way to blame black violence on slavery in our opinion.  What's even worse, when we hear of such statements coming from the pulpit, they don't realize there is never an excuse for blacks killing blacks and they could be the next victim, if they are not walking close to God as they should be.  Too many pastors are being murdered right in the black community. Doesn't Rev. Lawrence Livingston realize that fact?

Rev. Lawrence M. Livingston, Pastor of Mother African Union Church in Wilmington, Delaware, Blames City’s Black Violence on Slavery

The mayor of Wilmington, Del., knew something was wrong. After one year on the job, this former homicide cop had a hunch his police department had a leak.

“The problems that we were having with this city with crime and information that got out too fast, my suspicion was always somebody might be involved in something,” said Mayor...Read full article, here. 

Source abd Photo: Black Christian News


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