Monday, February 3, 2014

Seattle's Mars Hill Church Holds Sunday Evening Service Despite Super Bowl

God is certainly going to bless the pastor of Mars Hill Church and church officials for putting Him first.  It's very wonderful to hear of a mega church who honors God and does not follow what other churches are doing.  Those churches who put the Super Bowl ahead of God will expect Him to heal them when they are sick or deliver them out of a traffic situation in their lives, if it should occur.

According to, Driscoll, whose church has expanded to 15 locations, had realistic expectations. "I fully expect it will feel like we missed the rapture, as many saints will not be in the room. But it's ok. It's more than ok. Anyone who shows up is so important that Jesus died for them. The least we can do is welcome them and serve them on his behalf."

May God bless Pastor Driscoll and his ministry.

Photo: Mars Hill Church

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