Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Was it Right for Bishop T. D. Jakes to allegedly Expel Stalker From The Potter's House?

This is an update, regarding the case of Bishop T. D. Jakes filing a restraining order against his stalker, Karleisha Tarver.   The latest news is that Jakes and his church staff allegedly expelled Tarver from coming to the church, because she was yelling uncontrollably during a bible study.  The question is, 'is right for her or anyone else to be expelled, banned from the church?'   

We want to give you our answer and explain why.   First of all, we think it is wrong for Karleisha Tarver to be expelled from Bishop Jakes church, The Potter's House.  Here's why, simply because Bishop Jakes and some other pastors of mega ministries are wrong for conducting themselves like celebrities.  If Bishop Jakes, Pastor Marvin Sapp, Joel Osteen would get back to pure holiness and preaching the full gospel and not allegedly focusing on fame and fortune, then there would be no stalkers.  You see, many of these modern day preachers must learn to conduct their ministries the way it used to be, with fasting and much prayer, crying out at the alter and rebuking demonic spirits.  However, if they run their churches as though they are motivational speakers, similar to Tony Robbins, then they will have no power, demons will prevail in their churches and conferences and they will have to depend on the judicial system to file restraining orders. 

According to ChristianPost.com , the judge extended the injunction on Friday against Karleisha Tarver because according to court documents, her actions "may ultimately lead to the death of one of the plaintiffs, their family, their friends, church attendees and/or staff."  

In the meantime, we certainly hope Bishop T. D. Jakes and other rich and famous pastors will turn their ministries around into pure holiness and no longer be known as celebrities.  For Jesus Christ is the 'only' celebrity.

T.D. Jakes Files Lawsuit Against Alleged Stalker, Expelled Church Member

By Jessica Martinez, CP Reporter

A Texas judge extended a temporary restraining order against a former Potter's House of Dallas church member after pastor T.D. Jakes filed a lawsuit against her last month for allegedly stalking him for years.

The judge extended the injunction on Friday against Karleisha Tarver because according to...Read full article, here.

Source and Photo: ChristianPost.com 

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