Sunday, March 9, 2014

Bishop Noel Jones says he May Retire from Preaching

Here is the latest on Bishop Noel Jones, he maybe not be preaching any longer.  Praise the Lord, this is good news and probably a good idea, simply because he showed who Bishop Noel Jones really is on 'Preachers of LA'.  Furthermore, any preacher who encourages his sister to do business with an alleged Devil worshiper such as Lady Gaga (see here) is certainly not called by God.  Now, Bishop Jones may make us feel good with his raspy voice with his tones and hollers, but-that is not what God is looking for in the pulpit. 

Now, we've heard various hell testimonies and some of these people claim, some former preachers were sent there because they stopped preaching.  However, if Bishop Noel Jones is not called, then maybe God will have mercy on him.   Then, we can possibly look at it this way, he has been ill and for some preachers, the ministry can be very stressful.  In Jones case, he maybe doing God a favor to step down, because we know God was not happy with his carnality and allegedly leading his sister, Grace in the wrong direction, instead leading her to God. 

Another thing, Bishop Jones allegedly had been in a relationship with his girlfriend, Loretta and that may have embarrassed him to continue as a preacher.  If so, all he has to do is make it right and marry her, but still retire.  

In the meantime, we will keep Bishop Noel Jones in our prayers.

Bishop Noel Jones says he Is Considering Retiring from Preaching

With Oxygen committing to a second season of the controversial reality series, “Preachers of L.A.,” one of the show’s stars, Bishop Noel Jones, spoke to...Read full article, here.



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