Monday, March 17, 2014

Celebrity News: Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertston Talks about His Faith in God

Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson talks about having faith in God.  Quite often, the family of 'Duck Dynasty' is coming out, talking about God, after the controversy with homosexuality.  However, God is using them to let the world know that Jesus Christ is real and God still rules America.   He just wants us to be bold and speak up for what's right like cast members, of 'Duck Dynasty.' 

According to, Robertson and his wife Korie play themselves in the film, movie stars interviewed about their faith in God by a reporter also covering the outspoken student's debate with his professor. Since the movie was filmed in separate takes, the actor told CP he had no idea how the story all fit together until he saw the entire film recently. "I thought it was well written and it came together," Robertson said. "It inspired me."

Willie Robertson of 'Duck Dynasty:' 'God's Not Dead' Inspired Me, Strengthened My Faith

By Tyler O'Neil , CP Reporter
Willie Robertson of "Duck Dynasty" testified that the forthcoming film "God's Not Dead," which tells the story of a college student who accepts his professor's challenge to...Read full article, here.

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