Sunday, March 9, 2014

Celebrity News: Man Drives 20 Hours to Be Baptized by Phil Robertson of 'Duck Dynasty'


It's very wonderful that this man traveled so far to be baptized by Phil Robertson.   Brian Richards traveled 20 hours just for the reality star of Duck Dynasty to baptize him.  We certainly hope this guy is doing it just to be transformed and not just because Phil Robertson is one of the most famous people.  If he's doing it for the wrong reasons, it's not going to help him, spiritually.

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Man Drives 20 Hours to Be Baptized by Phil Robertson of 'Duck Dynasty' 

By Eric Corpus

Every baptism is unique and significant in God's eyes. Brian Richards' baptism last Sunday carries the same weight in Heaven as all others, though the details are quite interesting.

Richards went out of town to be baptized – way out of town. Starting at his New Jersey home, he drove 20 hours to White's Ferry Road Church of Christ in...Read full article, here.

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