Sunday, March 2, 2014

Celebrity News: Phil Robertson Says A&E Controversy Will Be in New Book

Phil Robertson of 'Duck Dynasty' allegedly says the A&E controversy will be in his upcoming book.  We are certainly eager to know what actually occurred, because it is indeed a testimony.  Once you boldly admit homosexuality is a sin and your show is threatened to be discontinued, but many insist on it remaining on air, that's a miracle in this era.  Tell us, how many have that same testimony?  This is why this man is going down in history as a legend, because he refused to fear and had such courage. 

According to, Phil Robertson spoke briefly about the controversy during a press conference after the Robertson family received the inaugural Governor's Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence. In December 2013, Robertson was temporarily suspended from appearing on his "Duck Dynasty" reality show due to comments he made regarding homosexuality in an interview with GQ Magazine.  

In the meantime, let's be on the look out for his new book!

Phil Robertson Says A&E Controversy Will Be Addressed in Upcoming Book

By Katherine Weber, Christian Post Reporter

Phil Robertson, patriarch on the A&E reality series "Duck Dynasty," recently said he will be addressing his December 2013 controversy with the television network in his upcoming book. Robertson made this announcement while...Read full article, here. 

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