Saturday, March 22, 2014

Chicago Pastors and Former Democrats like Pastor, Senator James Meeks, May Vote for Republican Governor

It's time for many of you pastor who have spent years voting for the Democratic party to now vote based on morals and values.  That's what these Chicago pastors like Senator James Meeks is doing, they have made a decision to vote for Republican Bruce Rauner.  Make God happy and no longer vote based on race, but only based on spiritual principles that will have a positive impact on our American society.  

Chicago Pastors and Former Democrats James Meeks, Marshall Hatch, and Stephen Thurston Are Pulling Away from the Democratic Party to Vote for Republican Bruce Rauner as Governor

Some African American voters are abandoning their Democrat roots for the Republican candidate for governor of Illinois.

Is it a fleeting infatuation with Illinois’ new political face, Bruce Rauner, or do...Read full article, here.

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