Monday, March 17, 2014

COGIC Pastor, Richard E. Patterson, Sr., Comes Out as a Straight,Waiting to Invitation to White House

This is a very bold move by this COGIC pastor, Richard E. Patterson, Sr. who is coming out as a straight man. It took courage for him to publicly make this speech to our president who allegedly does not celebrate straight individuals. We wonder why President Obama does not celebrate heterosexual individuals like he does homosexuals?  Pastor Richard Patterson really does have a point and we sincerely hope many of you will come out as straight and be proud of it. 

Furthermore, you women ought to support your husbands who desire to speak out like Pastor Richard Patterson like his wife.  Nowadays, many women uplift gay men more than straight men, possibly this is why we don't see many of them coming out as straight.   Many of you women who claim to be straight ought to also come out of the closet.  

 Watch Video

WATCH: Church of God In Christ Pastor Richard E. Patterson, Sr., Comes Out as a Straight, Heterosexual Man – Tells President Obama, ‘I Await My Invitation to the White House’

Superintendent Richard E. Patterson, Sr., Pastor of St. Samuel Temple Church of God in Christ, Chicago, Illinois makes a statement...Read full article, here.


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