Monday, March 10, 2014

Conservative, Dr. Ben Carson says 'Homosexuals Don’t Get to Redefine Marriage’

Thank God for a strong person who is not afraid to stand up to those who oppose God's Word. Dr. Ben Carson who is a conservative and neurosurgeon gave a recent speech, allegedly saying gays should have the same rights, but not to define marriage.  Now, many of you black preachers are so weak and want to be so accepted by President Obama, Ben Carson may enter the gates of heaven before you ever will.  Why? Because you choose to worship and idolize man over God. 

According to, Carson went on to add that the political world is full of “ideologues” and the only people that can stop them are the American people. While he believes gay people are entitled to their rights, Carson drew the line at “extra rights” that alter the institution of marriage.  

We will keep you posted on any further updates, regarding Ben Carson's speech.  God bless all of you SCR readers.

Ben Carson says Homosexuals ‘Should Have the Same Rights as Everyone Else, but They Don’t Get Extra Rights; They Don’t Get to Redefine Marriage’

Conservative Ben Carson let loose on gay marriage during his Saturday CPAC speech, reinforcing his belief in traditional practices.

“As you know, I am not a fan of political correctness,” Carson told onlookers, drawing...Read full article, here.

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