Monday, March 10, 2014

Evangelist Edward Boateng allegedly Pledge Allegiance to Satan at Paula White's Church

Now, many of you see this above photo, this is the same satanic allegiance that many music and Hollywood celebrities allegedly use to gain their fame and fortune.  Allegedly, when Evangelist Edward Boateng was at Paula White's Church, he did the Corna hand sign as some would call Horned God, which is the symbol of Satan.

Thanks to, we were able to discover why New Destiny Christian Center's services could be sometimes in the dark when Paula White is preaching.  Now, we don't know for sure, but some of her sermons are very creepy, because the the lights are turned down low as you will see in a future post.

Another strange thing we noticed on this following video, Evangelist Edward Boateng sounds like he's repeatedly speaking in tongues, but if he is doing such satanic hand signs, then he maybe chanting to Satan, we don't know for sure.

Watch this following video and learn to be careful who you follow.

Watch Video

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