Monday, March 10, 2014

Paula White Says to Be Holy, but This Video Reveals She's allegedly Not Living By It

We want to reveal to you why God is so tired of these false prophets not practicing what they preach.  Now on this following video, you are going to hear Pastor Paula White of New Destiny Christian Center talk about being holy and righteous.  However, you will see her in a very low cut dress that reveals too much bosom and it will reveal why she has not practiced what she preaches.

It hurts God when preachers tell their followers what to do, but do not live by it themselves.   You cannot say be holy and wear what you want and associate however you want.   As a minister of the gospel, you must be a complete example of righteousness, according to God's expectations.  No woman of God should be caught revealing too much flesh in the pulpit or even in public.  She should reveal herself as a virtuous, holy woman.

Thanks to, we were able to show you this following video.

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