Sunday, March 2, 2014

Pope Francis Allows Married Man to Join Priesthood for First Time in Nearly 100 Years


Pope Francis allows a man to marry is really nothing new.  Recently, one of our reporters spotted a priest walking into a store with his wife and children.  How did she know this was his family?  When she asked him, he told her.  So, marriage among priests has been going on for a number of years without the Pope's knowledge, allegedly.

As the Word of God tell us in I Corinthians 7:9 , 'it is better to marry than to burn.'  We feel there should have never been any restriction against a priest or nun marrying the opposite sex.  In our opinion, it's like an inmate being in a jail cell not knowing how to control their natural desires.  God wants us to marry, but He expects us to marry the opposite sex and there's nothing wrong with that.

According to, the church's namesake, St. Maron, was a hermit, who "by his holiness and the miracles he worked, attracted many followers." After his death, Maron's "monastic disciples built a large monastery in his honor." Other monasteries were subsequently founded.

 We'll keep you posted on any further information.

Pope Francis Allows Married Man to Join Priesthood for First Time in Nearly 100 Years

By Morgan Lee, Christian Post

Pope Francis has signed off on a married man's decision to join the priesthood in the Maronite Catholic Church.

Deacon Wissam Akiki, of St. Louis, Mo., who is married and has a daughter, was expected to be ordained on Thursday night, in...Read full article, here.



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