Sunday, March 23, 2014

'Preachers of LA' Update: Deitrick Haddon Allegedly says He will share gospel to millions, weekly

Here's an update on this upcoming season for the TV reality show, 'Preachers of LA', Deitrick Haddon says he plans to share the gospel to 100 million homes on a weekly basis.  That's really good news and we sincerely hope many souls are saved through his ministry.  For 'Preachers of LA', Season 2, at least we know reaching lost souls is on the mind of one of the show's preachers and this is good sign that it could be better this time around.

Preachers of LA Season 2 Filming: Deitrick Haddon Says, 'I Cannot Pass Opportunity to Share Gospel With 100M Homes Each Week'

By Christine Thomasos , Christian Post Reporter
Deitrick Haddon, the minister and gospel singer, is currently filming season two of "Preachers of LA" but does not seem to mind the criticism that might come with returning to the show.

"We are taping now actually, they are all up in my house … cameras everywhere," Haddon told Hip Hollywood...Read full article, here.

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