Friday, March 7, 2014

Rev. Bernice King Requests Brothers Not to Sale Father's Bible and Nobel Prize

Rev. Bernice King wants her brothers, Dexter and Martin Luther King III not to sale their father's Bible and Nobel Prize, although she's turning over both of them.   We cannot imagine the emotional pain Rev. King is going through being the only female sibling, facing her brothers seem to only care about money.  However, we know Bernice King has already given this problem over to God.

According to, Bernice King says her brothers, Dexter and Martin King, want to sell their father’s items. In a news conference Thursday at Ebenezer Baptist Church, Bernice King called on her brothers to reconsider their decision.

As we've told you in our previous article, if the King siblings are feuding before the nation, then we cannot ever expect the black race to unite.   For they are the offspring of a great man who fought for peace among all races and so far, many African Americans seem to care more about uniting with other races and not their own kind.  Furthermore, like Dexter and Martin Luther King III, many care more about money then making peace with their family. 

We will inform you of any updates, regarding Rev. Bernice King and her brothers feud.

Bernice King Agrees to Turn Over Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Bible and Nobel Prize but Asks Brothers to Reconsider Selling Them

Bernice King said Thursday she’ll turn over her father’s personal Bible and Nobel Peace Prize, but continues to urge her brothers not to sell the historical items.

The battle for control of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s family Bible and Nobel prize medallion has created a messy and public rift between the...Read full article, here.

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