Monday, March 10, 2014

Shane Perry allegedly says He'll Need a Black Man to Help His Mixed Son: Should We Mix Up, according to Biblical Principles?

Now, we know a lot of you are wondering why we are covering this subject, but it's just like homosexuality, if God disagrees with it, we have to discuss it.   We were very surprised to watch this following video about Evangelist Shane Perry who is married to a black woman he says is so fine.  Now, allegedly, Perry says he will need a black man to help him speak to his mixed son, because he is not black in so many words.  However, if it's okay to mix seed, then shouldn't he be one yoke with his wife, meaning being able to identify as a black man to raise his own son?  You see, when you marry, you supposedly become one yoke.  Therefore, there is a possibility, there is no way to become one yoke if you intermingle with other races.  Just watch this following video by and you will see what we are talking about.  A minister by the name of Bill Cloud who spoke with Perry Stone on TBN allegedly pointed out scriptures that interracial marriage is very wrong.

 Watch Video, Shane Perry - Mixed Race Confused People 

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