Sunday, March 23, 2014

Snake Demons Speaks Out of a Woman at Prophet TB Joshua's Church Service, Watch!!!

There was another woman who was used as a messenger for Satan, except this time, she spoke as a snake and informed us among gays and people who watch porn.  Now, many of you don't take this lightly, but this is real.  We have not heard anything like this since the days when the late preacher, A. A. Allen sermons were popular.  Now, this is when you know a ministry is being used by God, when you hear actual demons speaking out of people and a man or woman of God challenging them.  Again, this proves that Bishop Carlton Pearson is in error, there is a such a thing as a Devil, demons and a hell.  Once you watch this video, you will realize he is also wrong about everybody goes to heaven, the Devil is a lie.

Watch Video

Source, photo and video: Peter Oghogho

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