Sunday, March 2, 2014

Woman Dreams about many Christians in Hell? Wake up call!!

Saints of God, many of you often think it's just sinners who go to hell.  However, this young lady shares her dream God gave her about many Christians standing in line for various things they did that offended God.   This is certainly a wake up call.  

One important thing we want to share with you on this Sunday morning, just because a person is not willing to make peace, it does not mean you have to be like them.  Whenever one holds a grudge, it is a trick of the enemy to get you to miss out on going to heaven.  Jesus Christ wants you to realize it is a test to see if you are going to fall into Satan's trap into the everlasting burning lake of fire.   Many Christians are hurting every second, just because someone may have turned their back on them and so, they get even.  Don't get even, just start fasting and praying, because Satan has tricks to get Christians into hell.  Pray for the person who hurt you, every moment you get a chance.  No longer give into Satan's trick to argue with them, just make a wise choice for peace.  If you notice, Satan always tries to use the race card among African Americans, but really, they are the ones he often uses against each other, even within the black church.   Yes, we have all these racial issues, but if you notice, there is hardly any unity among African Americans.  So race, is really not the issue, Satan is in battle for our souls. Therefore, he just wants souls of every race into the same pit, originally designed for demons.  So, he uses all kinds of tactics, so you won't forgive and we will share more about that in a future post, but for now watch this young lady share how God gave her a dream about many Christians walking in line into eternal hell. Make up in your mind you are going to love, no matter what. God bless you brothers and sisters, love you.

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