Wednesday, April 16, 2014

After Suicide, Pastor Robert McKeehan’s Wife Believes Her Husband Is In Heaven

No disrespect to the widow of Pastor Robert McKeehan, but no soul shall enter heaven if he or she commits suicide.  The truth must be told, because too many pastors are taking their own lives, suicide is murder.   We heard of a hell testimony of a young lady (Angelica Zambrano's 3rd testimony/visitation) who took a tour with Jesus Christ and she allegedly claimed there was a soul eternally burning in hell for committing suicide, for Jesus see's it as murder.   

This reminds us after the death of Zachery Tims, Riva allegedly stated she believed he made it into heaven.  You see, this is why we need to insist on complete righteousness in the body of Christ, because there are rules and regulations and it is a fact, if we don't follow them, each and every soul will go to hell, forever.   There is no such a thing as God pardoning and compromising with suicide or an overdose of drugs.  There is a hell for either type of soul, if there is no repentance.  So, let us stop the modern day gospel, because as God's Word says, preachers will be judged more severely.

One question, if all pastors and preachers start committing suicide, who will be left to win souls for Christ?  Ministers can't just preach out of God's Word, they've got to live it.

Despite Suicide, Pastor Robert McKeehan’s Wife Believes Her Husband Is In Heaven; He “Finished His Race for God”

Elizabeth McKeehan, the widow of Pastor Robert McKeehan recently used social media on Saturday to share her views on her husband killing himself. Her husband committed suicide by hanging himself on Friday April 11, 2014. Pastor McKeehan was merely...Read full article, here.

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