Thursday, April 24, 2014

Back in 2012 Man Sees Vision of the Rapture, Almost Here!!!

Saints of God, let us take or lives serious, more than ever before.  Regardless of how people mistreat us, Jesus Christ wants us to focus on Him.  He's coming back and it won't be very long.  We are not talking about a fake prophecy like the one, the late Harold Camping forewarned us about, respectively, no.  This man of God, David Jones actually saw terror on earth, after the rapture came.  People actually went crazy, after the rapture came.  Let us examine ourselves before it's everlasting too late and quickly forgive the people who have hurt us, no matter what they have done.  Let us repent and choose to be righteous in the modern era of the church.  It's time to be different, holy and righteous and not ashamed of it.  Let us strictly live according to God's Word.  We don't want to be left behind.  This is for real what this man saw.  Just think, what would it be like to be left behind?

Watch Video

Source, Video Photo: Sid Roth, Supernatural

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