Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Celebrity News: David and Tamela Mann's Reality Show is Good for Christians to watch

This beautiful couple's reality show, "Meet The Mann's" will be on BET.  We want you to know this will not be just another reality show, simply because David and Tamela are not ashamed of Christ.  They both are devout Christians and from the beginning of their career, they revealed it whenever interviewed on various talk shows.  They never were ashamed to admit they both are children of the most high.  Therefore, "Meet The Mann's" is the type of reality show we would want to watch.

David and Tamela Mann’s Reality Show, “Meet The Manns”, Has Been Picked Up by BET; 5 Reasons Why You Should Watch

David and Tamela Mann broke the news on Thursday, April 24—their 26th wedding anniversary—that their reality show...Read full article, here.

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