Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Celebrity News: Donald Sterling Banned for Life From NBA, Forced to Sell Clippers

Donald Sterling is allegedly banned from NBA for life.  The only thing we will say is this, he certainly fooled himself having his black girlfriend on the side and making racial comments.  However, we want African Americans to learn you cannot continue to put your own race down in the 21st century and expect for white racist like Sterling to shut their mouths.  Yes, this is a victory, but the greatest victory is serving Jesus Christ and loving Him, loving yourself and respecting each other.   When are many black folks, famous or not going to learn that fact?

Donald Sterling Banned for Life From NBA, Slapped With $2.5M Fine and Forced Sale of LA Clippers

By Daniel Distant , Christian Post Reporter

Donald Sterling is banned from the L.A. Clippers organization, the NBA, and any associated organizations for life, effective immediately, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said Tuesday afternoon. In addition, the longtime Clippers owner will also be fined $2.5 million for his racist commentary leaked by...Read full article, here.


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