Sunday, April 27, 2014

Celebrity News: Erving Magic Johnson Upset at Donald Sterling's Racist Comments?

We question why Erving Magic Johnson is so upset about Donald Sterling racist comments.  What we don't understand about many blacks in the 21st century is that they are willing to fight for two earthly revolutions, one for the black race and the other, homosexuality.   Now, the reason why we say this is because Erving Magic Johnson allegedly defends his son, E. J. for being gay.   Erving Magic Johnson and his wife Cookie are supposed to be born again Christians.  Aren't the Johnson's suppose to look at this world through a spiritual eye in the 21st century?

Now, Mr. Johnson allegedly said Sterling made racist remarks about him, not just other racist remarks.  However, since he made it clear he used to socialize with him when he first came to Los Angeles at his home in Malibu, we really don't think he would be so angry, if Sterling had not made comments about him.  If Mr. Johnson and other African Americans would spend that same energy against blacks resenting and killing blacks and seek God, then racist whites like Sterling would be afraid to make such comments.  Why?  Because we would be a united race and too powerful to be seen as inferior to any other race of people.  Bottom line, without African Americans fully surrendering to Jesus Christ, the issue of racism and black hatred will never come to an end.

We find that most celebrities who have a lot of money who call themselves Christians are spiritually blind.  They don't even realize that speaking out about racism is a waste of time, simply because too many black people have have destroyed each other, all sorts of ways.  Too many blacks have killed each other and refuse to make peace and this is after the fact of many of them have died of AIDS, the same disease Erving Magic Johnson has been diagnosed with.  So, why is he spending so much energy saying that this man should no longer own the Clippers?  Also, Isn't it a known fact that many African Americans have chosen to marry with white Americans while we are yet facing these issues? That's right, we said it, many blacks today prefer whites than their own kind, because many think it's ugly to be black, even after the fact of their relatives being racist.  Therefore, there is not enough strength like back in the days of the Black Panther Party to speak out about racism.  The majority of African Americans do not stick together while yet speaking out about white supremacists.  The real issue, is they need Jesus Christ, because they fail to look at fixing the problem among themselves and one of the biggest problems is refusing to no longer be involved with earthly revolutions such as race and homosexuality.  The two issues has caused a distraction for too long and carrying many souls into hell.  Of course, we do not agree with racism, but since many blacks are putting the issue with sin, homosexuality and yet hate each other, we can no longer dwell on it as much like back in the 20th century. It's a waste of time.

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