Friday, April 11, 2014

Daughters of Sara Ministries in Indianapolis Reaches out to Women

We think this story is so perfect for those of you who are inspired to be virtuous women.   There is a ministry in Indianapolis called 'Daughters of Sara',which stands for Sweet, Appointed, Righteous and Anointed.  'Daughters of Sara' used to be a small group of women, but now it has grown into many women learning how to become all they can be in life, God's way.  We pray for more outreach ministries across the nation, because many women need to know God can make them great, regardless of their background or present circumstance.

Daughters of Sara Ministries in Indianapolis Expands Its Outreach to Women

The Scriptures describe the “daughters of Sara” as those women who do what is right without fear or hesitation.

In the case of the Daughters of Sara Ministries, an acronym meaning Sweet, Appointed, Righteous, and Anointed...Read full article, here.

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