Sunday, April 27, 2014

Ex-Muslim Testifies About How Jesus Saved Her From Hell

Christina Maxwell went to hell, after dying from an allergic reaction in the hospital. A doctor was her witness, she actually was dead.   Beloved brothers and sisters, here is another testimony about how demons were surrounding cells.  Yes, Christina was in a cell and she felt extremely hot and saw lava.  She actually saw a demon instructing other demons what to do above her cell.  She saw demons escorting people into hell.  All of a sudden she called on the name of Jesus and He got her out of there. 

Don't worry about how people mistreat you and don't care about you here on earth , all you must do is pray for their souls, because they continue to go to an eternal place of torment if they do not repent.  This is one of the biggest reasons why we as Christians suffer persecution, it is because demons control those on earth who are not serving God against us.  These very demons are waiting in hell for our souls, not just for those who mistreat us.  Therefore, don't let ex-friends, supervisors, relatives, even strangers hurt you so bad, you lose focus on God.  Know that God loves you and He wants your soul in heaven when you die, not in hell. After this life, we've got some place to go.  Christina's testimony is not an illusion, she actually was going to be in hell until she called on the name of Jesus.

Furthermore, Christina said don't listen to people who say there is many ways to God's Kingdom.  For when she called on the name of Jesus in hell, she realized He is the only way.  Praise God!

Hell is real folks, and many things in this life come to distract us from serving God.  This is the trick of the enemy, having trouble in our friendships, jobs, relationships and even in our families make us think that God does not love us.  Demons act up in certain people, so our focus will be taken off of God and this is why we must make a choice to realize He is real and Jesus Christ is the only way.  It does not matter how we are mistreated and how people will turn their backs on us and don't care about us, Jesus Christ died for all of that and He is waiting for us to serve only Him.

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